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David Allison

Owner/Author, Valuegraphics

Welcome to the NEW way to do social media – powered by A.I.

I can’t believe how much of a difference Lately has made in my life… I have saved $3,000 a month (what I used to pay a social media company to do this work) since using Lately. I’m a one-man show and I’ve just released my book (today) and I’m number one in the global marketing category on Amazon and it’s not even noon! The product you’ve put out is a game changer. It’s insane.

David Beckford

Creative Director, Dynasty TV

Courtney Smith

Executive Creative Director, Purematter

“The social post curation with built in AI. COME. ON.”

“Over 26 years, we’ve tried many platforms. We work with over 100 media affiliates of radio and TV and Lately helped us do the impossible and got us all on the same page. With Lately, all of our pages are now connected in one place and all of our social media accounts are all connected. And at a click of a button, I can tell how each one of them are doing. You guys are making me look like a hero!”

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